Simple steps towards your new chapter...


So, you’re feeling frustrated with where you’re at or ambitious for new / different / better. You know life and work can be more satisfying and you have more potential than you’re using.

Or perhaps divorce, children leaving home or redundancy have upset the status quo and something else is required.

You may be conscious of years passing and it’s dawning on you that “someday” is in danger of passing you by.

It’s time for a new chapter.

But where do you start and how do you make the right moves to end up better, not worse, off?

I’ve just started a new chapter. After 26 years living in the same area, close to the city, I’ve moved to a village location 10 miles out. Not a big distance but wonderfully different. It feels worlds away and just right.

Having seen my son safely to independence, separated from my partner, moved my coaching business online and given myself permission to live anywhere a big question for me was, where? Four years travelling the UK as a corporate coach gave me opportunity to visit all corners and consider, “what would it be like to live here?” I holidayed in locations that took my fancy to test the water. I spent hours researching on Rightmove.

I pondered and journaled to identify my criteria. What was important to me in my next place?

·      Transport links (including train) and little traffic

·      Community activity

·      Kindred spirits – some creative, alternative, green types

·      Nature on the door step

Then I went to live in southern California for a while to see what that felt like. The trip clinched it for me. Wonderful as it was, it clarified;

·      I need to be near my people, my son, and all the friends and networks that I’ve built up over years.

·      And be mortgage free so I can travel with ease and visit more distant locations whenever I choose.

·      And have a guest room with space to accommodate the friends and family I hoped would come to stay.

So, there I had it, my criteria list.

It narrowed my options beautifully. I looked on Rightmove for real this time and spotted a match straight away, the stars were aligned!

I’ve lived in my new location 4 weeks tomorrow. Still in the honeymoon phase I’m discovering it and delighting in the fit with me and my values, preferences, passions and priorities.

Friendly neighbours greet me by name. I’ve been stopped in the street and invited to local events. Developing an interest in birds took me by surprise. I’ve been encouraged with the loan of a bird book from my next-door neighbour and sharing of a huge telescope (you know the sort) from an expert twitcher.

Today after a morning online, to work up some inspiration I left my quiet, sunny office and in 5 minutes was in peace and beauty with fresh air and green views.

Boxes ticked! My soul is feeling very satisfied. And the process was simple. It just required me to;

1.    give myself permission to have what I desire

2.    look inside to find out what that is

3.    look outside to see where I might find it

4.    test it out in various ways

5.    decide

6.    take-action

7.    enjoy the results 😊

Taking-action was easy. By that point I was so sure of my decision it wasn’t a big risk.

What makes starting a new chapter daunting is stepping into the unknown. All those cold sweat fears about what could (and almost certainly will) go wrong. When you look inside for direction then break the process down into simple steps, there’s less footholds for the fears and action becomes easier to take. A happy outcome is so much more likely too because you’ve chosen in line with your deepest values, not someone else’s expectations.

If it’s time for your new chapter I’d love to help you create it.

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