The 2 ingredients you need to cook up your juicy new chapter


I have recently been in a period of major transition, moving to a new house and location.

This new chapter was prompted as they sometimes are, by an unwelcome life event, the unexpected end of my relationship.

Although that happened 18 months ago, it took me a year to be ready to start visioning a different future and start creating my new chapter. My confidence had been knocked, and for a good while I didn’t know what I wanted.

Eventually it began to come clear and I’ve recently bought, redeveloped and moved into a quite different house than the one I shared with my ex.  

I’m very happy to say, as I sit writing this blog in my new office, in my new home, in my new location I’m fully in my new chapter and it feels just right.

Even with the considerable dust and disorder and decorating still to do, I am very happy to be here. It’s a perfect fit for me. Of course, it’s taken strength, courage, purpose, faith and support for me to get to this place, emotionally, mentally and practically.

I am very resourceful in terms of my own expertise, self-care practices and access to empowering materials and inspiring people and extremely well supported by a host of friends, family and professionals. I’ve drawn on a wide range of resources to help me through this testing time.

While I have been in the pits at times, I’ve also tasted many moments of joy and gratitude. By drawing on resources and support I have repeatedly found my YES to this unexpected change and the challenges it’s presented. Although it didn’t always feel that way, looking back I see I have managed to be in possibility and opportunity more than fear and failure.

Of course, the details of my story are unique to me but the tests and the challenges that go with creating a new chapter are common to all of us. You may not be creating such a big change, yours may be born out of desire for new and different rather than unwanted life events but nonetheless, the change journey is rarely linear or a smooth upward trajectory.


I write this blog to offer encouragement to you if you’re in the middle of such a journey.

Remember it’s normal to feel challenged, and for good reason. Life tends to present all of us with obstacles and difficulties at times of change. It’s part of the journey of growth and expansion. And, as emotional beings we have natural ups and downs. You will know some days or periods you feel you can conquer the world and on others everything you try to achieve is thwarted and you end up spinning your wheels.

There are 2 key ingredients you can put in place to help you successfully create your new chapter;

1.     Aiming in the right direction for you by having a clear, true picture of where you’re going that chimes with your deepest values and priorities.

2.     Emotional, mental support to cheer you along the way, remind you of your why and to remind you, you can do this and you’re not alone.

When you’ve got those in place your efforts are well directed, and you can get going again after wobbles and bumps in the road.

To end up here, today, happy in my new office, home and location, I’ve applied my own coaching tools and approaches. I’ve taken myself through the same process I take my clients through.

While on my journey, I’ve also been working with some amazing clients making their own transitions and creating their own new chapters. This has been so inspiring. It’s reminded me of what’s possible and what works. It’s also underlined that the most resourceful capable people face challenges when making changes. It’s normal to feel fear and overwhelm at times. To feel stuck, like you’re going backwards or that you’ll never reach your dreams. It’s totally normal to feel lonely and downhearted from time to time.

It’s also easy to bounce back up, re-invigorated and re-inspired if you give yourself a breather and perhaps some input or inspiration from outside of you.

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