Meet Maria, one of my previous coaching clients. During the course of our work together, Maria went on a transformational journey towards her own new chapter. I'm so proud of everything she's achieved.

We caught up recently to reflect back on her journey. In this video, you can hear more about Maria's journey, why and how she made the decision to work with me as her coach and how the coaching process helped her embark on her new chapter.

Ian is a consultant specialising in the Social Architecture of Power. Ian has just completed my 6 month coaching programme - which you can read more about here

He’s very pleased with the outcome. He says:

“I have used the opportunity to take myself, and the way I run my life, seriously, and pay attention to what matters, to take the guidance and see what comes out and up. I have enjoyed the unstinting support, and the relentless focus on what is and isn’t working for me, so that I can take charge of those things.”

In the video below, we talk about Ian’s coaching experience and how he found it…

Debbie is a fabulous creative business woman, expert social media coach and champion of female entrepreneurs. Debbie lives life on her terms. You can find out more about what she does here

Debbie is serious about success, her own and her clients. I’ve heard her say a few times that coaching plays an important part in contributing to that success. Debbie invested in a coaching programme with me and in this video, she’s reflecting on the experience and what difference it has made.


“I am now very excited about the future”

My time spent with Sarah has been invaluable and I would highly recommend her. Before meeting Sarah, I’d started to feel a little lost. I had become dissatisfied with my career and had become unclear about what I really wanted from my life. After a six-month coaching programme, Sarah has not only helped me clarify the direction of my career, but she has also helped me create a better life balance. I now have a new plan with achievable goals to aim for. I am now very excited about the future.

- Daniel

“I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is feeling stuck and wants to make a change”

I started working with Sarah through her Start Strong programme at the beginning of 2018 and decided to continue with her 6-month programme. Best decision I made all year! She helped me to reframe my thoughts around work and to see clearly how I am the one who gets to decide what my life looks and feels like.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is feeling stuck and wants to make a change but doesn’t know in what way, or where to start. Even if you just have a vague unease that you can’t define, she can help. She is so smart, insightful, and kind, and I found her support invaluable. 

- Trista


"She literally changed my life"

I write this review as a genuine recipient of Sarah’s brilliant programme – Now the programme is only a part of the proposition – the most important element is the skilled deliverer, consultant, coach and mentor.  When we are ill we rely on the skill of doctors and surgeons to diagnose, offer insightful solutions and use their skills to put us together again. This was my experience of Sarah, who I believe has made a life changing difference to my wellbeing, confidence and thirst for life.

I have always pursued self learning to ensure I maximised my opportunities and many years ago I was influenced by a book “What Colour is Your Parachute”. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with the author and opened my eyes to the opportunities I had in front of me. Many years later I have met Sarah who I believe is operating at the same, if not higher, level – it was Sarah who spotted my need, despite my success she spotted my faltering confidence and I was so grateful that she told me that she had to work with me. She literally changed my life.

She is insightful, passionate, authentic, honest and yes sometimes quirky! Sessions with her are challenging, stimulating and enjoyable, she gets you to work with parts of your brain that often get ignored and she will ensure she places your experiences into your own understanding and reality. Her six month programme gave me space to think, plan my future and re-establish my purpose. Her technique revived my confidence, recognised my successes and re-discovered my passions.

I have worked with some very talented coaches before but I do not believe I have experienced any as connected, insightful and committed to my wellbeing as Sarah – she needs to write a book and share her talent as wide as possible, in the meantime - do not miss the opportunity to work with her as I believe she almost saved my happiness, life and passion.

- Anonymous



"What I experienced has been life altering."

I decided to ‘treat myself’ to some coaching from Sarah in January as a way to start 2017 with possibly a new perspective and some help in structuring my very busy self-employed/family life.  I wanted to take this journey in an attempt to find a way of working my way out of the constant juggling and constant pressure I felt under.  I went with an open mind and did not really know what to expect as I have not had any sort of ‘coaching’ in the past.

What I experienced has been life altering.

Sarah is a gifted, insightful, sensitive, intuitive and highly skilled coach.  She guided me through a series of exercises and discussions which facilitated insight into my patterns of behaviour and belief systems. I have been absolutely astounded by the speed of which changes have taken place in my life as a result of these insights.  What was overwhelm, overwork and pressure now has a whole new appearance.  I have choice, understanding and a new perspective and insight on my day to day life.

It has been truly life changing. Sarah is both truly inspired and an inspiring coach.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.

— Lisa

"Every session delivered revelation"

On a journey of personal growth I came to Sarah for coaching to help me to take my next steps up. She listened in a way that I have never been heard.

Sarah engaged me in a powerful, gentle and transformative process. I am very much a part of that process. Every session delivered revelation.

- Martin

“Empathic, intuitive, and highly skilled motivator”

When I started working with Sarah I didn’t really know what it was I was looking for, I just knew my business wasn’t fulfilling me or its potential.

Over the course of 5-6 sessions it’s hard to believe the transformation.  

With her enormous depth of interpersonal skills (including humour) Sarah enabled me to find all my own answers - from my own resources – to questions I didn’t know how to ask myself.  All of which is tremendously empowering and wonderfully affirming, not to mention exciting.

Anyone putting their trust in Sarah’s capable coaching hands will find an empathic, intuitive, and highly skilled motivator who actually ‘hears’ you and has the gift of being able to take you to the next level.

I see so clearly how we've journeyed from me being:

and 6 months later, I am now:

— Lesley

What I experienced has been life altering.

— Lisa

“We agreed really productive and realistic goals that stretched me”

Meeting Sarah in my late 40s has led to me being able to confidently state 'I am a happy mum of two in my early 50s and a career which I am now passionate about.'

My career although fulfilling was beginning to be on the brink of 'plodding', my time with my teenage daughters and husband was being compromised and all in all I felt there must be more and it must be easier. Sarah focused me, re grouped with ease my own aspirations and fears and challenged me (nicely) to get on the right track. We agreed really productive and realistic goals that stretched me. It re engaged me at work. 'Brought me to the table', to have impact and get my balance right. So glad we met.

— Sue

“She was highly skilled at drawing out my skills, qualities and values”

Sarah helped me feel good about my life.

Sarah comes highly recommended as a coach. Her focus stayed absolutely with what I was saying and where I was at. She listens very carefully and yet also ensures the session remains focussed and purposeful. She was highly skilled at drawing out my skills, qualities and values in very inspiring ways, enabling me to know myself better and find ways of framing things in ways that will be meaningful to others.  

I am delighted with the work we did together, and I continue to use the insights I gained from our sessions, to ensure I remain motivated and purposeful in the changes I am making.

— Alison

“I feel I have much more rewarding, successful, confident interactions”

For 16 years in my career I have been told 'you don't realise how good you are' and never really believed it or understood exactly what was meant by this comment.  With Sarah's help I have been challenged and really had my doubts and insecurities unpicked, doubts I didn't even know I had. I am now capable of self-coaching whenever I am in a situation when I start to lack confidence or doubt my ability. I use the techniques I learned regularly to give me confidence and self-belief to be able to successfully and confidently deliver and deal with any challenge.

I have had the biggest realisation that my own self-limiting beliefs are the only thing stopping me achieving anything...and I really do feel now that anything is possible. My confidence and self-belief has gone to another level.

I am now on track for promotion, which I didn't think was within my reach anytime soon, the longer-term goal has now got much shorter!  I use the skills I have developed with Sarah's help in everyday life, in both professional and personal situations.  As a result I feel I have much more rewarding, successful, confident interactions and have felt a constant transformation throughout my time being coached by Sarah. I deliver training and coaching to others with a new-found confidence and am much more creative and productive in my every day customer interactions. My life in general is now much richer and my short and long-term goals are much bigger and braver than I ever imagined. Thank you Sarah!

— Joanne

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