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My passion is to support hard-working professionals in their 40s and 50s to avoid burnout and create a more meaningful next chapter. As a transformation coach, I work with my clients to create the results they desire and to enjoy the process along the way.

I open up my diary each week to offer free 60-minute Discovery Calls. These are an opportunity for us to connect on a more personal level, explore together what you are looking to create in your life / work now and if / how I can help you achieve your goals through one of my coaching programmes.

You will be supported and held during the safe space of our call – and whatever the outcome of our conversation, you’ll receive clarity, direction and practical suggestions on how to move forward into your new chapter.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards your new chapter, I encourage you to book in for your free call now. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Please note that session time-slots are geared for the UK - if you are based elsewhere and cannot find a time that suits you, please email to book a custom appointment. 

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Recent Client Feedback…


Meet Maria, one of my previous coaching clients. During the course of our work together, Maria went on a transformational journey towards her own new chapter. I'm so proud of everything she's achieved.

We caught up recently to reflect back on her journey. In this video, you can hear more about Maria's journey, why and how she made the decision to work with me as her coach and how the coaching process helped her embark on her new chapter.

“I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is feeling stuck and wants to make a change”

I signed up to Start Strong 2018 not really sure what I wanted to get out of it, but just wanting to take a step towards some kind of personal and professional improvement. I am so glad I did! After only two sessions I already feel a major shift in my attitude towards myself and my approach to work, and thanks to Sarah have been able to work through the fog to start to see what I really want out of my career. This is something I have always struggled with, and Sarah made it seem easy.  

Sarah is so kind and thoughtful, and pushed me to realize things about myself that I never would have without her. It feels amazing to have her on my side! I started out the year tired and unmotivated and now I am feeling excited to make positive changes. 

Trista, California, USA


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