Are you in tune with your dreams?


Are You In Tune With Your Dreams?

What big (or small) dream have you got inside?

To give it a chance to become your inspiring future you’ve got to get it out, dust it down and show it to the light of day.


How I Helped Jazz Dreams Happen

A couple of years ago, Jazz musicians Rachel and Paulus did just that.

They shared their big dream with me: to open a Jazz club in Nottingham!

Their long-held ambition was beginning to come more into focus, it was feeling like the right time to get the project going. Sort of now or never. But they felt daunted at the scale of it and didn’t know where to start.

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“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey) is always my approach. So that’s what we did.

They spent a day coaching with me. I helped them get a vivid vision of their future Jazz club in some glorious detail, complete with how they’d feel as proprietors, the experience for punters and musicians and how it would work for their school age daughter. We then sketched out initial action steps to get there.

Afterwards this is what they said;

“We came to you with an idea that we have been sitting on for about a year and a half. We also came to you with a few anxieties about what we wanted to achieve and how we might get our idea off the ground. Thank you for your insight, your calm presence, intelligence, clarity and humour. We now know how each of us can make this happen together. It really feels possible and very clear what we need to do next. I feel buoyed up and ready to take each step with calm confidence. Thank you so much.

We are putting together a business plan and I'm going to a meeting at the end of the month about funding and financing. It's really happening!!!! It would have continued to be have been painfully slow without your input and I would have been very unsure of some of the aspects that were bothering me. What a brilliant thing you have done for us. Watch this space. Thank you a thousand times.”

I watched this space ……… Peggy’s Skylight opened a few months ago.

When I went for the first time – WOW!! I was amazed, impressed and delighted.

I literally walked into the vision Rachel and Paulus voiced 2 years ago. There was their daughter, happily and comfortably sitting with her mum playing and working on a laptop. Rachel was managing the kitchen before leaving for the day.

Paulus was sound checking with the musicians on stage ahead of the evening. Wonderfully ambient and quirky environment. Happy enthusiastic staff. Delicious tapas.

I felt like I’d walked into their vision in technicolour 3D hard copy reality.

Of course, that coaching day was the easy bit. After that came a LOT of effort and action and a great deal of courage and creativity as well as lots of support from others. To bring that vision to life is a BIG DEAL.

But because they’d started off pointing in precisely the right direction for them, the effort and action had been focused in the very direction they dreamed of.

Their dream is now their reality.

Invariably, reality is a mixed affair. To create one’s dreams is challenging, that’s why it’s only the courageous who manage it.

When I asked Rachel what having created their dream means to them at this point she said;

“For our lives it is a massive strain. It is hard to balance a family life with something that takes up so much of our time and thinking. We hope that this will get easier moving forwards.

For our careers, it means that we are networking with literally hundreds of musicians around the globe. We have felt our own skill set as musicians develop and grow with a deep sense of connection to our audience and community which is ever expanding. We are very happy that Peggy's means so much to people. It is bringing people together at a time when we are so divided and that is important and special beyond measure. We really hope that we can keep digging deeper within ourselves to keep on meeting the challenges and keep our strength and perseverance.”

I’m sure they can with help and support. You can do your bit by sharing this post with your networks and by going to Peggy’s Skylight for a jolly good Jazz night out.

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Let’s Find the Music In Your Life

What big dream, or small dream, have you got bubbling inside?

I specialise in helping people who are ready for a change create a New Chapter in their life and or career.

You don’t have to be as clear as Rachel and Paulus. In fact, you may not know what your dream is yet.


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