'We're all sick to death of fear'



‘We’re all sick to death of fear’ – Brené Brown

I’ve written about this before and I will again no doubt.


False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s almost the only thing that I help my clients with. 

Of course, I help them get clear about their values, what makes them tick. I help them create an inspiring vision for their career and life stage. I help them widen horizons, explore possibilities, test options and develop action plans that deliver the results they dreamed of.

BUT, what I really do is enable them to bust through their own fears. Once they’ve done that, the other stuff is easy.

FEAR is what stands between us and our dreams, goals and happiness.

Fear is so good at disguising itself as a rational reason why we shouldn’t, can’t or won’t achieve an outcome that we don’t even recognise it as fear. False Evidence Appearing Real.


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Take for example my client, I’ll call him Steve. Steve’s a marketing expert. He has 100’s of happy clients and customers queuing up to work with him.

On a good day, he confidently delights in his work and feels proud of his efforts and expertise.

On a different day, when his schedule is tight, he can’t access his online banking and the new kitchen at home is taking longer than expected, he tells himself ‘I can’t do this’.

‘It’s too difficult’.

‘I’m so disorganised’.

‘No matter how hard I work, it’s never enough. Everything will go to the wall’.

aka…False Evidence Appearing Real.

Managing your mind is the key to success and happiness. The rest is simply nuts and bolts.

We are all susceptible to the grip of fear. Everyone can relate to that feeling of panic when it seems you are not up to the job, and the pressure is on to ‘buck up and sort yourself out’.

As well as giving my clients tools and practises for managing fear, it really helps them to know fear is normal.

Those who accept this and learn to manage FEAR spend less time giving themselves and others earache and more time enjoying what’s in front of them, living their dreams.

Remember, fear is normal.

If you’ve spent enough time battling your FEAR –  and the internal shoulds, oughts, musts and can’ts - I’d love to help. Send me an email at sarah@sarahmcnicol.com or reach out via my Facebook page to be in touch. 

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