New Chapter Launch: Online group coaching programme

starts Tuesday 29th October, 2019

When you recognise it’s time for a change New Chapter Launch provides time, space and expert guidance to take stock, gather all that you are and re-imagine your future.

You will develop clarity, confidence and a realistic plan and take steps towards your new chapter in the encouraging company of likeminded people.

“The programme gave me space to think, plan my future and re-establish my purpose. Sarah’s technique revived my confidence, recognised my successes and re-discovered my passions.”

In this online group coaching programme you will be skilfully guided to design and launch your New Chapter. Starting with a deep dive into who you are and what matters most to you at this point in your life and career, you will explore your values, priorities, passions and preferences. You’ll define your version of success and paint a vision of an inspiring future. You will develop a realistic plan and take tangible steps towards it. Along the way I’ll help you remember how glorious you are and cultivate habits and approaches to maintain this perspective for the long term.

Group coaching sessions are online via Zoom. You will be in a supportive cohort of 4 people all launching their New Chapter. 

“The programme helped me get a broad picture of my life and the way I was affected by some tough events over which I didn’t really have much control. It also helped me move on and shift the attention towards myself and my needs and dreams. It helped me reconnect with myself.”

“I have much more compassion and am kinder to myself. I have a more positive outlook in general and find that curiosity has often replaced judgement.”


“I’m calmer and I have more patience, I don’t feel exhausted anymore. Instead, I’m feeling excitement for the future and receiving instead of losing energy.”


2 one to one coaching sessions plus 12 hour-long group coaching sessions are delivered online with personal assignments in between. Sessions will be recorded so if you miss one you can catch up.

Participants have access to me via messenger and email throughout.

There will also be a surprise gift delivered in week 3 to help you on your journey.


Weekly sessions take place at the same time each week, Tuesdays from 6pm - 7pm UK

Programme begins on Tuesday 29th October 2019.


  • Pre-start – 1hour individual coaching session

  • 1 Taking Stock - Where am I now?

  • 2 Taking Stock - Where do I want to be? Giving myself permission to dream.

  • 3 Dealing with Fear – Learning to manage fears doubts and uncertainty.

  • 4 Owning My Glory - Acknowledging my personal values, preferences, passions.

  • 5 Owning My Glory – Appreciating my skills, strengths, qualities, expertise.

  • 6 Visioning My Dreams - Vision Board, leveraging the Law of Attraction

  • 7 Nuts and Bolts – Finances, budgeting, cash flow, wealth consciousness.

  • 8 My New Definition of Success – Identifying criteria to measure it by.

  • 9 Options and Possibilities – What’s out there, idea generation, being open.

  • 10 Decision Making - Testing Ideas, learning from experience and trusting intuition.

  • 11 What Will it Take? – Making a simple realistic action plan

  • 12 Celebrating My Success – Support and motivation for the next stage of the journey

  • Follow up – 1hour individual coaching session

Programme starts Tuesday 29th October.

If you have any questions, I’d love to have a chat - email me on

Alternatively, you can book a FREE 60 minute Discovery Call with me below:

“The programme was led with purpose, clarity, and a lot of compassion. It was a safe place to vulnerably learn about how to live a more fulfilling life. The exercises were very relevant and helpful (at the time and for the future). This was the first group coaching program that I’ve done and it is was all I expected and more!”

New Chapter Launch: Online group coaching programme

Investment: £1250 when paid in full.

Payment plan also available - 3 x instalments of £450.

PAYMENT PLAN: New Chapter Launch - starts Tuesday 29th October

3 x instalments of £450

“Sarah led me on a path of self-discovery toward clarity on the things that mattered most to me - a defined sense of purpose, a connection with my strongest values and motivations, and an appreciation as well as a firm grasp of my own distinctive qualities and contributions. To achieve a result that far exceeded my expectations.”


“Thanks to Sarah, I now have a very different outlook on life, what success is and ultimately how to look after myself first to have the tools to succeed in every other area of my life. I am eternally grateful, so much happier, stress free, have more time for me and am so much more content!”


“My sessions with Sarah McNicol have been amazing; really enjoyable, a journey of self-discovery & learning - things which I sort of already knew, but didn't have the confidence to claim as achievements or qualities, and other skills and abilities which I didn't know I had.”


“I just wanted to give you some feedback about how helpful the last session was for me. I didn’t say in the group as I’m not totally comfortable with sharing this but at the time of the session I had booked a doctor’s appointment because my mental health has been quite bad lately. The session really helped me process some things I was feeling and helped me feel more in control! I hadn’t realised exactly what was bothering me and it was so great to pinpoint that and work out how I can get around it. I was having such a rough patch and felt so happy afterwards, looking over my notes from the session and smiling! I’ve been very proactive this week in working towards the goals I wrote down.”

All coaching clients receive:

  • A proven New Chapter coaching journey designed and delivered by a New Chapter expert

  • High calibre coaching focused 100% on helping you achieve your goals

  • Measured start and finish points evidencing the impact of your investment

  • Session recordings or written notes to capture insights so you can focus on thinking and feeling

  • Email and Facebook messenger access to me between sessions

  • Enjoyable sessions, that will stretch you

  • Expert guidance throughout your journey so you don’t have to figure things out on your own

  • Homework assignments between sessions to maintain momentum and make the best use of coaching sessions


Coaching sessions may include practical consultancy on:

  • Career and business development

  • Leadership development

  • Business planning, start-up and development

  • Project and time management

  • Well-being including burnout prevention and recovery

  • Law of Attraction

  • Applied Spirituality