Discovering what you really desire


This week I’m talking a bit more about expectations. I’ve also got a really helpful free tool to share with you that will help you on your journey.

Watch the video below to find out more or read the short transcript beneath it.

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We can get so far in life propelled purely by expectations. These could be the expectations of ourselves and the expectations of others around us - including family, peers, employers, the people who are close to us and the people whose opinions we care about.

Being propelled by expectations often delivers results - indeed, we can achieve great things when we are fuelled by expectation and driven to deliver a particular outcome.

However, there can come a point when the results we create in this way begin to feel a bit hollow.

At that point, it’s a good time to start thinking differently about what you really desire for yourself in the next phase of your growth, development, work and life.

I’ve got an exercise I’d love to share with you today to help you begin to tap into this and let go of being driven so much by expectations.

The ‘What I Really Desire’ exercise is a really good starting point. It helps you to sweep away the expectations and give yourself a blank slate to start thinking about what you would really desire, if anything was possible.

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The way to use this exercise is to follow the instructions – it’s fairly simple and the main point to remember is not to censor yourself.

Don’t think about the practicalities or what could be possible. Give yourself free rein and allow yourself the luxury of considering any possibility.

It’s an exercise that is about exploring being curious and seeing what you would really desire if anything was possible.

Give yourself the time and space to do it. Encourage yourself to dig deeper and go further with what you really desire.

Enjoy the process. See what you discover. See what you really do desire if anything is possible.  

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