Growth comes through facing fears



When one comes up against the same challenge repeatedly in different situations, it can be a signal that fear is at work. Rather than external conditions stopping your progress, it’s more likely your internal belief system.

For example; You find a job opportunity that looks appealing and you think you’re a good match. You decide to apply. As the deadline approaches you begin to see more of the ways you and the job fall short. You end up not submitting the application. Although you’ve avoided the scary unknown – “what if I don’t get it/ do get it and don’t like it/am not up to it”, you’ve also limited your options. This can feel frustrating or worse, especially if it’s a familiar pattern.

What you’ve come up against is (only) fear but the cost of allowing your fears can be high.

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Rising to new levels of performance, expertise and responsibility inevitably requires one to break through fear. This process is how growth and expansion happen.

I witness my clients doing this time and time again. Their courage to go in deep and expose the crappy, horrible self-limiting beliefs is humbling and inspiring.

Working with one such client this week was a vivid reminder of the prize available when one is liberated from fear and able to fully inhabit one’s power. My client, a rarefied talent, broke through his own barriers to allow himself to be the Rolls Royce version of himself. As he put it;

“When I’m good, I’m really good and I’m happiest when I excel.”

It was a great mornings work requiring both of our focus and effort. The win-win results were well worth it.

Check in with yourself, are there areas where fear is holding you back?

Remember it’s only F.E.A.R.

False evidence appearing real.

Don’t let it narrow your horizons.


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