How to thrive in uncertain times...


How are you finding the experience of living and working in 2019?

We live in a fast paced and complex world with much uncertainty. Technology, politics, environmental and social issues provide a backdrop to daily life that can feel extremely stressful.

How can you look after yourself in a way that enables you to enjoy your life and feel able to make a positive contribution to the future prospects of your family, neighbourhood, country, and beyond?

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Working with 1000’s of coaching clients and through trial and error practise in my own life I’ve identified some ways of living and working that enable us to feel less fearful and be more powerful in our daily life and to make a positive contribution to what is going on in the world.

Here are my suggestions;

  • Re-prioritise – figure out what your top personal priorities are and refer to those in decisions you make daily. Place self-care at the top of your list.

  • Identify your own values, what are the things you hold dear, what are the beliefs-to-live-by that really matter to you?

  • Create more time freedom – learn to say no both to external invitations and to your own appetite for doing, having more and cramming it all in. Stop being a ruthlessly efficient time manager. Allow space for flow.

  • Look for opportunities to collaborate rather than compete.

  • Find opportunities to gift and exchange rather than buy and sell.

  • Connect with people. Seek and amplify human connection in your daily activities, be real, act, speak and share with feeling. Acknowledge the human beings you meet in all areas of your daily life. Get interested in them.

  • Look for hope, optimism, gratitude, positive expectation and cultivate it.

  • Experience more nature.

  • Get comfortable with “I don’t know” be open, be curious, playful and creative. Question. Have a go, try things out.

  • Embody your experience. Get physical. Move. Sense how you feel inside as a barometer to help you decide what behaviour, conditions and next steps are most helpful and wise for you.

  • Practise tuning into your intuition and trusting your gut.

  • Make time to acknowledge yourself for the skills, qualities, know-how you have and all the things you have achieved and can do, big and small.

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