We need to reconnect to our intuition...



Until 2017, I was employed as an executive coach working in a wide variety of organisations nationwide.

We served clients in the NHS, Higher Education, government agencies, SMEs and large corporations. I provided one to one coaching mainly to the leaders of organisations, teams and departments. I also ran development programmes, training days and facilitated service re-designs and business development projects.

Supporting a service re-design for a hospital Diabetes service brought me up close to the issues and opportunities faced by the whole team, admin, HCA’s, dieticians, specialist nurses, consultants.

Delivering Board Development training for GP Directors on a board representing the interests of GP practises in a UK region helped me understand the challenges for senior doctors charged with managing delivery of patient services in a complex and fast changing environment.

It was very juicy work. I gleaned tremendous insight into the workings of organisations, individuals and teams, the impact of workplace culture on effectiveness and morale and the challenges at all levels of navigating the massive changes we’re faced with in today’s world.

I saw a need – capable individuals crying out for new ways of managing themselves, their teams, their work and their lives. I recognised the positive impact that my coaching had and the satisfaction I gained from empowering and equipping people. So, I started my own coaching practise.

Liberated from corporate requirements, I didn’t have boxes to tick or protocols to follow. I shaped programmes based on deep understanding of the need and how best to help. I drew on 25 years of coaching experience and expertise.

I’ve attracted the clients I wanted to serve. High achievers, leaders and change makers. Hard working, caring individuals motivated to do a good job but increasingly frustrated and thwarted by workplace conditions


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Over a year into my own practise now one word is coming to me over and over again and that is intuition. I’m beginning to see that helping my clients reconnect with their intuition is the vital ingredient.

As I’ve moved away from the constraints of corporate coaching, I am increasingly intuitive in my approach. I have a plan for each coaching session, a proven process that I invariably find a useful guide. Then, focused on the client and tuned into what they’re saying / not saying, I allow what happens to be shaped intuitively. 

Hearing news of systematic problems on a huge scale – for example, Capita, KPMG, the blame culture in the NHS - the word intuition comes to mind again.

In these organisations hierarchy, structure and systems have ruled for decades. Human intuition has been neglected and negated. X’d out even.

However, in these times, demands and technologies are changing so fast that structure and systems can’t keep up. It’s essential for leaders to rediscover and develop their intuition so they have something internal, true and grounded to draw on like a compass, so they can find their own direction in a reliable way and navigate these choppy waters.

It’s essential for all of us to reconnect with our intuition to find our way towards happier and healthier ways of living and working.

This will contribute to the culture change the world desperately needs.