Re discover your life. Re claim your future.

Life changing coaching for successful professionals. 


'Sarah’s coaching made a life changing difference to my wellbeing, confidence and thirst for life.'

Creating a fulfilling life and career these days is no mean feat. Usually you are juggling time, managing competing demands, navigating inevitable challenges and changes. All the while trying your best for the people, organisations and causes you care about. This way of life sucks up most of your resources in just maintaining the status quo.

A New Chapter coaching programme gives you breathing space. Precious time and support to pause and catch up with yourself. It’s a place to receive. To re-fuel. You will reconnect with what’s important to you, be gently guided through a proven process to help you clarify for yourself what’s working in your life and what you would like to be different. You will connect with the qualities, strengths and skills you have and learn how to draw on them with renewed confidence. With support you will make subtle changes that yield big rewards in terms of work/life balance, confidence, purpose and happiness.


‘I have worked with some very talented coaches before, but I do not believe I have experienced any as connected, insightful and committed to my wellbeing as Sarah. I believe she almost saved my happiness, life and passion.

New Chapter coaching programmes are designed for motivated people who are ready for a new chapter. I help you reflect, take stock, and bring your experience, qualities, values, purpose and desires together in service of whatever you most want to experience next and create the best New Chapter for you.

'I cannot put into words very easily just how much strength your work has given me.'


When your hearts-desire is to:

  • reclaim your sense of excitement and joy about life

  • have a sense of purpose and direction

  • enjoy your change journey, from wherever you are to wherever you want to be

  • gain fresh perspective and discover new possibilities

  • make considered decisions about your future

  • own your strengths, skills, qualities, know-how and experience

  • confidently take tangible steps towards your exciting New Chapter

  • be firmly and kindly challenged to reach for your best

  • receive expert coaching tailored specifically to your own needs

  • experience a safe, confidential space

I invite you to work with me in one of my New Chapter coaching programmes available in all UK compatible time zones. Coaching sessions will take place online via Zoom - or in person by prior special arrangement.


New Chapter Launch: Group coaching programme

When you recognise it’s time for a change, New Chapter Launch provides time, space and expert guidance to take stock, gather all that you are, re-imagine your future.

You will develop clarity, confidence and a realistic plan and take steps towards your new chapter in the encouraging company of 4 likeminded people.


New Chapter Transformation: One to one coaching programme  

When you are committed to be the best version of you and live your fullest potential, New Chapter Transformation provides dedicated high-level support.  

You will be helped to finally release old beliefs and habits that no longer serve. You will discover, and learn to believe in, just how glorious you are.

Partnered and gently challenged by me, you’ll conjure up an inspiring vision for your happiest future. You’ll develop and action realistic plans to realise your dreams.

You will transform your life.



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