Seismic changes and subtle shifts...



I was hugely touched last week when one of my wonderful clients, Sadaf, shared the following story with me.

It’s a poignant reminder of how multi-layered the coaching process really is – from the big life changes that are more easily noticeable, to the subtle shifts that we may not fully understand until life happens and we’re tested.

I’m so proud of Sadaf and her commitment to her journey. It’s wonderful to hear of shifts like this, that over the course of time make a huge impact to our enjoyment of life and ability to handle whatever it throws at us.

So, here’s Sadaf’s story:

"I had some coaching earlier this year with Sarah McNicol to build up my self-confidence. Sarah's methodical approach provided me with the exact foundations I required to personally develop in more ways than I appreciated at first. 

Since completing the programme, I have noticed a much more positive stance in the way I deal with issues and instead of worrying about why or what, I will 'attempt' to ensure the end goal is what I want to achieve.

Two weeks ago, I woke up and discovered that I had developed Bell's Palsy on the left side of my face. Bell's Palsy is weakness of the facial muscles and meant that one side of my face had drooped. This literally happened overnight. As I was getting ready to go to work, I noticed my face felt and looked slightly weird. As the day went on, it got progressively worse and my left eye suddenly stopped blinking and moving. 

Thankfully it wasn't a stroke as the hospital consultant confirmed but what they did say was that it could take several weeks if not months for my face to recover and my facial muscles to start working again.

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This happened a day before Eid, a day we all look forward to so much, after a month of fasting, a celebration where we all get together and enjoy time with our families.

Normally I would lock myself in the house and not come out until I felt I looked the same as before, however I didn't do that. I actually felt quite calm and collected about the whole thing, and probably met with more relatives and friends over the course of that entire weekend than I had done for a few weeks or months, and I didn't feel embarrassed or upset at what I looked like. My poor family and friends were of course extremely worried at how something like this could happen so randomly and out of the blue (I was totally fine the day before).

It's been two weeks now and I am pleased to say there has been significant improvement and I am now starting to get some movement back in my left eye which is amazing, as I really did think it would be months.

The point of this very long post? When it happened, and the Dr. said it would take a few weeks at the very least to recover, it made me think of my very first session with Sarah McNicol when I said I don't feel confident enough to go out of the house without wearing any make up...! This is obviously so much more worse than that, yet I did it!

At the time of starting my coaching programme with Sarah McNicol, I didn't realise or appreciate the effect the sessions would have.

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Please do consider them xx''

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