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I’m sharing content on the theme of dissatisfaction this month. Today I’m going to talk a bit about time, because it relates to satisfaction and dissatisfaction in my experience and in what I see with a lot of my clients. You can watch my short video below or read on for a transcript.

A lot of my clients are of a similar age to me – I’ll call us ‘mid-lifer’s’. In terms of our working life, we’re at the midpoint. The reality facing many of my clients, and it’s a reality I faced myself five or six years ago, is that we’ve potentially got another twenty or so working years ahead of us. For me, it’s really important that I spend it doing something I find satisfying and really enjoyable.

In my early forties, I experienced three very dear friends die at young ages - they were almost 50, almost 60 and 65. Each one of those people were full of life, full of ideas, very purposeful, wanting to make a difference in the world, and death was not on their agenda. And it happened.

The gift I eventually took from that very sad period in my life was the gift of knowing that today is it. We don’t know how much time we’ve got – we know that we’re here right now, so making the most of each day is really the best that we can do. Doing what we love to do on a daily basis is a way to make the most of each day.

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It’s a sad truth that nearly half of the UK workforce, 47% in a survey done by the London Business School, are unhappy in the job that they’re doing and they want to change their careers. I talk to many people in their midlife about the sorts of regrets they have about where they’re at and what they’ve done. Many of them say things like;

‘I’ve been too scared to make change so I’ve stayed in this job.’

‘I listened to other people about what career I should pursue, I didn’t listen to myself.’

‘I’ve worked really hard – I’ve put a lot of my time into my work and I’ve missed out on a lot.’

My coaching philosophy is that you should be as happy as feasibly possible. I help people like you find new ways of living and working that best suit who you are now, so you can enjoy each day and thrive.

In order for you to think about where you’re up to and what you really most want to do with the work life ahead of you - I’ve got some questions for you to think about. So, try these for size:

1)   What do I really care about?

2)   What matters to me?

3)   If I were to make a difference in the world, what would that difference be? What is my particular passion for change in the world?

4)   What skills, expertise, qualities do I have that I’d like to use more and develop more? (Maybe there are some aspects of your expertise that you don’t get to use in your current experience – creativity is commonly something that we’re less able to express in work in professional spheres.)

5)   What dreams or desires am I denying myself for fear of change or practicality or what others may think?

Asking the right questions is a really good way to start moving towards more satisfaction and making sure that each day is as enjoyable as it can be and that you’re thriving, rather than surviving.

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These simple steps will help you get started and, I’m not leaving you here.  Here's a helpful resource for you to start moving in the direction of more satisfaction - my guided visualisation exercise. Click here to access the free video and take 5 minutes to give it a try, as a first action step.