The difference between outward perception and inner emotions



When I was a tender 25, I attended a personal development weekend training programme. This was before social media, Tony Robbins and Oprah had brought personal development into the main stream. I was funded to go by my Auntie Jo, she’d done the same course a few years before and I’d admired the way she’d developed as a person and the way she lived life.

Though I wasn’t looking for life changing at the time, that’s what I got. A big shift in my understanding of people, life and myself.

On the outside the 70 participants were a right old mix of age, culture, profession etc. We’d travelled from all corners of the UK and further to attend. In the very safe context created by the organisers we shared our inner experience of life. The purpose was to get free from habitual limiting thoughts and beliefs holding us back from our potential. Working with this diverse group of people, I realised that, however we looked on the outside, on the inside we all faced variations of the same human challenges.

I understood concepts that I’ve been working with for myself and others ever since.

outer perceptions inner emotions.jpg

I understood concepts that I’ve been working with for myself and others ever since.

1. Whatever it looks like on the outside, it's normal and human to have fears and doubts at times.

2. We get to choose how we think about events and circumstances, either consciously or unconsciously.

3. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated.

My work as a coach and my greetings card designs are directly inspired by this understanding. Personally, I am open about challenges I face, I work at mindset as a daily practise and I find opportunities to acknowledge others.

Adam Harris introduced me to the video below which (is an advert for a church) illustrates the difference between the inner and outer movingly. Like the man in the film, we all can make a real difference to someone else and opportunities for doing so are all around us.

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