New Chapter Transformation - One to one coaching programme

When you are committed to be the best version of you and live your fullest potential, New Chapter Transformation provides dedicated high-level support.  

You will be helped to finally release old beliefs and habits that no longer serve. You will discover, and learn to believe in, just how glorious you are.

Partnered and gently challenged by me, you’ll conjure up an inspiring vision for your happiest future. You’ll develop and implement realistic plans to realise your dreams.

You will transform your life.

“Sarah astutely selected the processes which facilitated an enlightening exploration of who I really am, what I really want, and what I can do to achieve my goals. It was an entirely bespoke approach, which was very effective.”

6 month programme - 12 x 2 hours

This one to one intensive coaching programme provides ongoing high-level support while you implement your plans and embed new beliefs and habits. Whether you intend to re-design your career, start-up a new business, prepare for a fulfilling retirement or recover from burnout and find a totally new work life balance I will tailor bespoke support package to your exact requirements and partner you every step of the way.

Coaching sessions will take place online via Zoom - or in person by prior special arrangement.

If you have any questions about the programme, I’d love to have a chat - email me on

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New Chapter Transformation - One to one coaching programme

£3,000 one off payment

Payment plan also available in 6 instalments of £580 - please email to arrange.

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“What an amazing woman! I was fortunate enough for Sarah to enter my life a few years ago as my coach. She has been one of the most influential people in my life. She gave me the confidence and self-belief to get the promotion that I thought was out of my reach, a year earlier than I thought was possible.


“6 months and 12 coaching sessions with Sarah have flown by. Sarah has helped me to balance my work and social life, solve some immediate dilemmas and prepare for the future with excitement rather than trepidation. On reflection I am now happier, more confident and I don’t hide my emotions and thoughts as much. Most of all our sessions have helped me to have pride and value in what I bring to discussions and projects and I am sure this has resulted in improved outcomes. Sarah is a great listener and can provide a good challenge and I look forward to continuing our relationship over the next year.”


“I use the skills I have developed with Sarah's help in everyday life, in both professional and personal situations.  As a result have much more rewarding, successful, confident interactions. I have felt a constant transformation throughout my time being coached by Sarah. I deliver training and coaching to others with a new-found confidence and am much more creative and productive in my every day customer interactions. My life in general is now much richer and my short and long-term goals are much bigger and braver than I ever imagined.”


“Working with Sarah enabled me to really see where I add value. And helped me to increase my confidence and settle my fears around the instability of the freelance life. I also in the process worked on my need to have calm in my life and tools I could use to bring this about.”


“Meeting Sarah in my late 40s has led to me being able to confidently state 'I am a happy mum of two in my early 50s and a career which I am now passionate about.' Sarah’s coaching re engaged me at work. 'Brought me to the table', I now have impact AND get my balance right.”


“It was an entirely bespoke approach, which was very effective. I have a complete record of all the work captured during our sessions, provided by Sarah, as well as a revealing before and after evaluation. Referring to this regularly keeps me in touch with the content as well as the emotional charge of the whole coaching experience.”

All coaching clients receive:

  • A proven New Chapter coaching journey designed and delivered by a New Chapter expert

  • High calibre coaching focused 100% on helping you achieve your goals

  • Measured start and finish points evidencing the impact of your investment

  • Session recordings or written notes to capture insights so you can focus on thinking and feeling

  • Email and Facebook messenger access to me between sessions

  • Enjoyable sessions, that will stretch you

  • Expert guidance throughout your journey so you don’t have to figure things out on your own

  • Homework assignments between sessions to maintain momentum and make the best use of coaching sessions 


Coaching sessions may include practical consultancy on:

  • Career and business development

  • Leadership development

  • Business planning, start-up and development

  • Project and time management

  • Well-being including burnout prevention and recovery

  • Law of Attraction

  • Applied Spirituality