New Chapter Springboard: Intensive coaching programme

When you want a quick boost of clarity and confidence, New Chapter Springboard provides just that.

In 2 x 2 hour sessions this coaching intensive will get you on track and re-motivated.

In the quiet calm of this short coaching intensive you will have my undivided attention and receive first class support. I’ll help you reflect on your current situation in a way that will enable you to access your deepest wisdom.

You will be gently guided through a simple process to get clear on what’s working in work / business / life and what you would like to be different. You will then identify how to start making changes.

By the end, you will have a simple and realistic plan to springboard you towards your New Chapter. You’ll know your next steps and you’ll feel energised and motivated to take them. Your confidence in your own skills and abilities will be boosted and you’ll have learned how to maintain this for yourself.

You will receive:

An in-depth preparation pack to enable you to get the most out of the programme

2 x 2 hour intensive coaching sessions two-weeks apart

Written notes to capture your insights and plans

Email access to me between sessions

A series of self-coaching exercises to keep and use

Coaching sessions will take place online via Zoom - or in person by prior special arrangement.

If you have any questions about the programme, I’d love to have a chat - email me on

Alternatively, you can book a FREE 60 minute Discovery Call with me below:

New Chapter Springboard: Intensive coaching programme

Investment: £250

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“Sarah led me on a path of self-discovery toward clarity on the things that mattered most to me - a defined sense of purpose, a connection with my strongest values and motivations, and an appreciation as well as a firm grasp of my own distinctive qualities and contributions. To achieve a result that far exceeded my expectations.”


“Thanks to Sarah, I now have a very different outlook on life, what success is and ultimately how to look after myself first to have the tools to succeed in every other area of my life. I am eternally grateful, so much happier, stress free, have more time for me and am so much more content!”


“My sessions with Sarah McNicol have been amazing; really enjoyable, a journey of self-discovery & learning - things which I sort of already knew, but didn't have the confidence to claim as achievements or qualities, and other skills and abilities which I didn't know I had.”

All coaching clients receive:

  • A proven New Chapter coaching journey designed and delivered by a New Chapter expert

  • High calibre coaching focused 100% on helping you achieve your goals

  • Measured start and finish points evidencing the impact of your investment

  • Session recordings or written notes to capture insights so you can focus on thinking and feeling

  • Email and Facebook messenger access to me between sessions

  • Enjoyable sessions, that will stretch you

  • Expert guidance throughout your journey so you don’t have to figure things out on your own

  • Homework assignments between sessions to maintain momentum and make the best use of coaching sessions


Coaching sessions may include practical consultancy on:

  • Career and business development

  • Leadership development

  • Business planning, start-up and development

  • Project and time management

  • Well-being including burnout prevention and recovery

  • Law of Attraction

  • Applied Spirituality