I’m so pleased you signed up to receive the ‘What I Really Desire’ exercise. It’s such a helpful exercise and I know you’re going to get so much from it.

When I look back to when I completed a version of this exercise, some thirteen years ago, I can see the seeds of the life I’m living now. What I often say is that I’m living the life of my wildest dreams!

Now it’s your turn.

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Next, watch the short video I’ve prepared for you - or read the transcript below it - for guidance on how to approach and complete this exercise. It’s simple and straight forward to complete.

Give yourself time and space to reflect as you work through it. Most importantly, give yourself permission to dream big and think beyond the realms of current possibility and practicality.

Enjoy - and let me know how you get on!

Giving yourself permission to think about what you would really desire is such an investment in your future – I can’t emphasise that enough.

Whilst I haven’t got all of my desires manifested yet, the quality of my day to day experience, the activities I do and the ingredients of my life are really delicious.

And much of them are things that cropped up when I did a version of this exercise, around thirteen years ago.

It’s such a powerful motivator – when you’re heading towards something that really floats your boat, it gives you energy, determination, commitment, focus and the courage to take action and make decisions to move towards it. It helps you be bold.   

As Goethe said, ‘boldness has genius power and magic in it’.

At the point in my life that I originally did this exercise, I was very accustomed to being effective and productive. I was very good at creating results, so in a sense I was creating my life at the time, but I was doing it with a mindset of realism and practicality.

I was just seeing within the limits of what I believed I could realistically achieve. Completing this exercise pushed me to go way beyond that – to envisage what would I really want if anything was possible?

That’s where the power is - releasing all the limitations and beliefs that might have you stuck in a place of practicality.

So, my encouragement to you is give yourself permission to really think about what’s going to get your juices flowing.

Give yourself permission to think about what your life could look like if anything was possible.

Take your expectations - and other people’s - expectations out of your mind. Take whatever feels ‘practical’ and your current circumstances totally out of the equation.

Go for what really in your wildest dreams would get your juices flowing.

Give yourself some time and space to complete the exercise, and follow the instructions.

Most importantly, enjoy it! Treat this exercise as an exploration and see what happens.