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    for splendid women and magnificent men

    I help smart, hard-working professionals in their 40s and 50s take stock to create the next rewarding and rich phase of their life. You’ve been busy achieving, perhaps for years. Now, you want a different balance between external success and internal satisfaction.

    I will show you how.

    The world demands we bend ourselves out of shape in increasingly unsustainable ways. We feel we need to be more, do more and work harder without ever feeling truly satisfied. I will help you focus on your inward experience with the same energy you apply to your outside accomplishments. Through my coaching, you will set the course for a rounded and fulfilling new chapter of your life.


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    Re discover your life. Re claim your future.

    My New Chapter coaching programmes are designed for people like you: accomplished, compassionate and in your prime.


    New Chapter Launch: Group Coaching Programme

    When you recognise it’s time for a change, New Chapter Launch provides time, space and expert guidance to take stock, gather all that you are, re-imagine your future.

    You will develop clarity, confidence and a realistic plan and take steps towards your new chapter in the encouraging company of 4 likeminded people.

    New Chapter Transformation: One to One Coaching

    When you are committed to be the best version of you and live your fullest potential, New Chapter Transformation provides dedicated high-level support.  

    You will be helped to finally release old beliefs and habits that no longer serve. You will discover, and learn to believe in, just how glorious you are.

    Partnered and gently challenged by me, you’ll conjure up an inspiring vision for your happiest future. You’ll develop and action realistic plans to realise your dreams.

    You will transform your life.



    "It has been truly life changing.

    Sarah is both truly inspired and an inspiring coach.

    I recommend her wholeheartedly."

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