6 month programme

12 x 2 hour coaching sessions

In this programme you will be skilfully guided to design and launch your new chapter.

Starting with a deep dive into who you are and what matters most to you at this point in your life and career you will explore your values, priorities, passions and preferences. You’ll define your version of success and paint a vision of an inspiring future. You will develop a realistic plan and take tangible steps towards it.

Along the way I’ll help you remember how glorious you are and cultivate habits and approaches to maintain this perspective for the long term. 

"Over 6 months, Sarah led me on a path of self-discovery toward clarity on the things that mattered most to me - a defined sense of purpose, a connection with my strongest values and motivations, and an appreciation as well as a firm grasp of my own distinctive qualities and contributions. To achieve a result that far exceeded my expectations."


"Sarah astutely selected the processes which facilitated an enlightening exploration of who I really am, what I really want, and what I can do to achieve my goals. It was an entirely bespoke approach, which was very effective."


"The programme gave me space to think, plan my future and re-establish my purpose. Sarah’s technique revived my confidence, recognised my successes and re-discovered my passions."


"I have worked with some very talented coaches before, but I do not believe I have experienced any as connected, insightful and committed to my wellbeing as Sarah. I believe she almost saved my happiness, life and passion."

All coaching clients receive:

  • High calibre bespoke coaching focused 100% on you and your goals
  • Measured start and finish points evidencing the impact of your investment
  • Written notes to capture your insights so you can focus on thinking and feeling
  • Email access to me between sessions
  • Enjoyable sessions, that will stretch you (in a good way)
  • Expert guidance throughout your journey so you don’t have to figure things out on your own
  • Homework assignments between sessions to maintain momentum and make the best use of face-to-face coaching sessions


"It was an entirely bespoke approach, which was very effective. I have a complete record of all the work captured during our sessions, provided by Sarah, as well as a revealing before and after evaluation. Referring to this regularly keeps me in touch with the content as well as the emotional charge of the whole coaching experience."


Coaching sessions may include practical consultancy on:

  • Career and business development
  • Leadership development
  • Business planning, start-up and development
  • Project and time management
  • Well-being including burnout prevention and recovery